NBA players smoke cigars

Why Do NBA Players Smoke Cigars?

The NBA is one of the world’s most popular professional basketball leagues. It features many of the greatest athletes in the world, and it is a league that many young people aspire to join. However, the NBA has a reputation for being an exclusive environment where some of its members are seen smoking cigars.

Cigars are known for their rich aroma and flavor. And many players in the NBA are seen puffing on them during games. While these practices are not illegal, they are frowned upon by many fans. This has led to a large number of people boycotting the league.

In this article, we’ll look at the history behind the cigar-smoking habits of some of the NBA’s biggest stars, and what the league’s response to this issue has been. We’ll also look at the potential

In this article, I’ll talk about why do NBA players smoke cigars.

Is it allowed for NBA players to smoke cigarettes?

Yes, it is allowed for NBA players to smoke cigarettes.

The NBA has a strict drug policy, but smoking is not considered to be a performance-enhancing drug or PED. In fact, while they do test for marijuana use, they do not test for nicotine and caffeine use. The reason why is because the NBA does not want their employees to be impaired in any way when they are working.

So they don’t want them using anything that could negatively affect their ability to play at their best. So if you’re an NBA who smokes cigarettes, you don’t have anything to worry about in that regard.

However, there is one downside of smoking cigarettes: it can cause you to lose weight! And while this may seem like a good thing at first glance (who doesn’t want to lose weight?), it’s actually not great news if you’re trying to maintain your peak physical health as an athlete and keep your body functioning at its best.

Why do NBA players smoke cigars?

NBA Players Smoke Cigars

We’ve all seen the videos of NBA players smoking cigars and wondered why they do it. The simple answer is that they love to smoke cigars, but there’s more to it than that. NBA players smoke cigars because they want to create a bond with each other through shared experiences. They also do it because it helps them focus on their play, which means more wins for the team!

There are many reasons why NBA players smoke cigars and here are some of the most common ones:

To bond with teammates

You can’t bond with your teammates if you don’t have something in common with them. This is why most teams have a cigar lounge where they can hang out and enjoy each other’s company while smoking a few stogies together.

To stay focused

Many people believe that smoking helps them stay focused on what they’re doing at any given moment (whether it be playing sports or working on something at work). This is why many athletes choose to smoke during practices or games in order to stay focused on their play without getting distracted by outside influences.

It’s a tradition

There’s a long history of NBA players smoking cigars. In fact, it’s such a longstanding practice that many people don’t even know why it started in the first place!

The reason has to do with tradition. And some of the most famous NBA players to have smoked cigars are legends like Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. It was just what they did. So it became part of their routine. Eventually, other players picked up on it and started doing the same thing (or at least tried to).

Way to relax

The reason why NBA players smoke cigars is that they need a way to relax. The sport is intense and requires physical ability as well as mental concentration. Cigars are one of the few things that can help them get into the zone before playing their next game by helping them calm down.

The taste of cigars

Cigars are a favorite among NBA players, not just because they can be enjoyed in the locker room or on the court, but also because they are very flavorful. The taste of cigars is different than other types of tobacco products such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Cigars contain a variety of flavors including earthy, sweet, and spicy notes. This makes them appealing to both newbies and veterans alike.


Cigars are a dangerous addiction for athletes. Because they can lead to lung cancer and heart disease. These are serious problems that can end your career in an instant. These diseases can also cause early retirement and even death and no athlete wants that!

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What cigars do NBA champions smoke?

cigars do NBA champions smoke

When it comes to cigars, NBA champions know that the best cigars are made in Cuba.

Cuban Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills are the most popular cigars among NBA players. They are made in the famous Partagas Factory in Havana, Cuba. These cigars have been around for many years. Also, they have a rich history that includes being smoked by famous cigar smokers like Winston Churchill and Charles Van Damme.

The cigars are rolled with a dark wrapper and contain a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers wrapped up in a Connecticut Broadleaf binder. The cigar has an earthy taste that is balanced by sweet notes of cocoa and coffee beans.

This cigar is perfect for those who want something bold but smooth enough to enjoy after dinner or while relaxing on the beach.

How does smoking affect athletic performance?

Smoking can affect athletic performance in many ways. It can lead to increased muscle fatigue, decreased lung capacity, as well as slower reaction time, and impaired coordination. Smoking also increases the likelihood of injury through premature aging.

Smoking can lead to increased muscle fatigue. Because it reduces the amount of oxygen available to the muscles. A decrease in oxygen supply leads to a less efficient metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. The body has difficulty burning these fuels when it is deficient in oxygen, leading to more rapid exhaustion during exercise. Additionally, smoking reduces blood flow and increases blood pressure. These are both detrimental to optimal performance levels.

Smoking also affects lung function by reducing airflow rate and limiting the amount of air that can be taken into the lungs with each breath. This reduced ability of athletes to take in oxygen. It means that they will tire more quickly than non-smokers during exercise. Because there is not enough available oxygen for their bodies needs. Additionally, smokers often experience coughing fits that prevent them from completing their activities at full strength or intensity level due to the inability to breathe properly!

Finale Thought

There are many reasons NBA players smoke cigars. Some of them include relaxation, stress relief, and enjoyment. NBA players can also use it as a tool to build relationships with other players or business associates. Ultimately, the reason why NBA players smoke cigars is up to each individual player. However, it is interesting to see how cigar smoking has become such a popular tradition in the league.

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