Red Card in Volleyball

What is a Red Card in Volleyball?

Volleyball is a highly dynamic and competitive sport that emphasizes fair play, sportsmanship, and adherence to the rules. To maintain the integrity of the game, referees utilize a system of cards, with the red card being the most severe penalty.

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the significance of a red card in volleyball, its implications for players and coaches, and the various types of cards employed in the sport.

What is a Red Card in Volleyball?

A red card in volleyball is a disciplinary measure issued by the referee to address severe misconduct or rule violations during a match.

When a red card is shown, it signifies a serious breach of the game’s code of conduct and results in immediate expulsion from the match. The red card is a powerful tool used to enforce discipline, maintain fair play, and deter further misconduct on the court.

What Cards Are in Volleyball?

To understand the significance of a red card, let’s explore the different types of cards used in volleyball:

Verbal Warning

Before resorting to formal cards, referees often provide a verbal warning to players or coaches for minor instances of misconduct. The verbal warning serves as an opportunity for individuals to rectify their behavior and avoid further penalties.


If a player or coach continues to engage in misconduct even after receiving a verbal warning, they may face expulsion from the match. This penalty involves immediate removal from the game and prohibits further participation.

Expulsion is usually reserved for serious infractions that significantly impact the match or compromise the safety of players.


In cases of severe misconduct or repeated offenses, a player or coach may be disqualified from the match. Disqualification involves being removed from the current game and may result in additional penalties imposed by the governing body. It is typically reserved for the most egregious violations or a pattern of unsportsmanlike behavior.

Yellow Card

A yellow card is a formal caution issued by referees to players or coaches. It serves as a warning that further misconduct may lead to more severe consequences. 

A yellow card is often shown for offenses such as persistent rule violations, unsporting behavior, or dissent towards officials. It is intended to deter individuals from repeating their infractions.

Red Card

The red card is the most severe penalty in volleyball. When a player or coach receives a red card, they are immediately ejected from the match and cannot continue playing. 

The red card signifies a significant violation of the rules or an act of gross misconduct. It carries severe consequences beyond expulsion, such as fines, suspensions, or other disciplinary actions.

How Many Red Cards Can You Get in Volleyball?

In general, players and coaches can receive only one red card per match. 

However, there may be exceptional cases involving extreme misconduct or multiple offenses where additional red cards are given.

The decision to issue multiple red cards lies with the referee, and each subsequent red card may result in more severe consequences and prolonged suspensions.

What Happens If A Coach Gets A Red Card?

If a coach receives a red card, they are immediately expelled from the match, just like a player. 

This expulsion has significant implications for both the coach and the team. The team may be left without the guidance and strategic input of their coach for the remainder of the match. 

Moreover, the team may have to continue playing with a reduced number of substitutions, impacting their performance. Additionally, a red card for a coach may lead to further disciplinary actions, including fines, suspensions, or limitations on coaching privileges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Yellow Cards Do You Get in Volleyball? 

There is no specific limit on the number of yellow cards a player or coach can receive in volleyball. It depends on the severity and frequency of the misconduct.

What Does a Green Card Mean in Volleyball? 

Green cards are relatively new additions to volleyball rules. It was introduced during international competitions to foster a spirit of sportsmanship and honesty. Whenever a player admits to making a block touch or a net touch, the referee issues a green card.

What Is a Purple Card in Volleyball? 

A purple card does not exist in volleyball. The recognized penalty cards are typically yellow and red.

Is There a Black Card in Volleyball? 

No, there is no black card in volleyball. The penalty system in volleyball generally revolves around yellow and red cards.


The red card in volleyball represents the most severe penalty for misconduct or rule violations. Its issuance results in immediate expulsion from the match and carries substantial consequences. Understanding the significance of a red card is crucial for players, coaches, and officials alike. 

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