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Why Are Tennis Players So Tall? – (Exploring Advantage of Height)

Tennis is a game that requires a combination of speed, agility, and endurance. Besides that, it is also one of the few games where height seems to matter. Most professional tennis players are between 6 feet and 6 feet 6 inches in height. But why are tennis players so tall?

In this article, we will look at the factors behind the height of tennis players and explore whether height is a crucial factor in tennis.

Why Are Tennis Players So Tall?

Certainly! It seems that one reason tennis players tend to be taller is due to the physical advantages height brings to the game. Specifically, a taller player has greater reach compared to a shorter player, enabling them to cover the court more efficiently and make shots that may be otherwise out-of-reach. 

Additionally, a taller player can generate more power and spin on their shots due to their longer limbs and greater body size. Height also plays a role in serving, where taller players have an easier time generating more force and speed on their serves.

Players So Tall

Advantage in Reach

One of the most significant advantages of being tall in tennis is the extended reach that it offers. With a longer wingspan, players can cover more ground and easily reach balls that shorter players cannot. The extra reach is beneficial in both defensive and offensive play. Taller players can hit balls at a height that is out of reach for the opponent, making it difficult for them to hit a good return. They can also execute more aggressive shots with ease, putting their opponents under constant pressure.

Power in Shots

Taller players are generally physically stronger than their shorter counterparts. This not only means that they can hit the ball harder, but it also allows them to hit the ball back with more power. It gives them an extra edge over their opponents when it comes to rallies. Power on their shots means that they can change the direction of the ball mid-rally, which makes it harder for their opposition. With their height, players can generate high speeds on their serves and spikes, which makes it difficult for the opponent to return the ball on a single shot.

Serving Advantage

Serving is an essential component of tennis, and height plays a crucial role in serving. Taller players have a longer throw, which gives them the advantage of hitting the ball harder. Due to the angle of their throws, taller players can hit the ball at more challenging angles, which makes it harder for their opponents to return the ball. They can also take advantage of court angles and hit the ball down the line more easily.

Genetics and Selection

Tennis players, like all other athletes, are a result of both genetics and selection. While height is not the only factor for winning titles, it contributes significantly to the sport. Coaches and scouts often select taller players for training and development because they have more potential in the game. Moreover, the genetics of tall players play an important role in making them more athletic since they have longer limbs, which translates to better agility and coordination.

Training and Development

While an extra couple of inches might give players an advantage, it is not an automatic ticket to success. Taller players also have to train and develop their skills like their shorter counterparts. Individual skills such as ability to move around quicker, better hand-eye coordination, and excellent footwork all come with some level of training and development. Pros at the highest level are the athletes who have invested countless hours honing their skills for years.

Tennis Players So Tall

Is Height a Great Factor in Tennis?

While height certainly provides some advantages, it is not always a deciding factor in sporting success. There are exceptions to the rule in all sports, and tennis is not left out. Players like David Ferrer and Justine Henin were both under six feet tall and yet still excelled in their tennis careers. 

Both players had to deploy their skills and physical advantages to compete at the top level. Matches often boiled down to how well the player deployed their skills rather than height. Playing a wide variety of tennis shots, suffocating the opponent’s control, and keeping them off-balance can swing the game in favor of a shorter player.

Can short players play tennis?

Yes, short players can play tennis and be excellent at it. Height is not necessarily the only factor that determines success in tennis. Ferrer and Henin both had successful careers despite being under six feet. 

In fact, being shorter and having a lower center of gravity allows players to move more quickly and change direction with much more agility. Short players still need to work on their strength and endurance, but they can compete at the highest level with the right training and set of skills.

How do you play against tall tennis players?

Playing against tall tennis players can be a challenging experience. The first key is to avoid playing their game and methods. Make them work and move around the court as much as possible. Short shots that force tall players to move forward can be invaluable. This strategy can cause tall players to move out of their comfort zones and make errors. 

Keeping them off-balance means using a range of shots, including drop shots and lobs. Another strategy for playing against taller players is to take away their advantage, i.e., by coming to the net more often. This tactic closes the gap created by height and neutralizes their powerful baseline play.


Height appears to have some advantages in tennis, but it is not the only determining factor of success. Tennis is a game of skill, agility, and endurance, and while taller players have a natural advantage, shorter players can still turn the tables with strength development and focus on their attributes. Therefore, tennis players, whether tall or short, should focus on their strengths and develop their skills to become the best. 

There may be advantages to being tall, but the ability to execute a wide range of tennis shots, suffocate control, and remain agile and quick on your feet is way more important than sheer height.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a short player compete against taller opponents?

Absolutely. Tennis is a sport that values technique, agility, and strategy. Shorter players can use their speed and precision to outmaneuver their taller counterparts.

Are there any disadvantages to being tall in tennis?

Taller players might face challenges in terms of agility and quick lateral movements. They also need to manage their center of gravity effectively.

Can a tennis player increase their height through specific exercises?

While exercises can promote good posture and overall health, they are unlikely to significantly alter a person’s genetically determined height.

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