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What To Wear To Basketball Practice? Best Outfits

Basketball is a fun game for both kids and adults. It is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. If you have ever been involved in a basketball game or practice, you know how much fun it can be. However, sometimes it can get a little hectic. Even if you’re a beginner, it’s not hard to get confused when it comes to what to wear to the basketball game.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best basketball apparel options to help you feel comfortable while you’re practicing.

What To Wear To Basketball Practice?

We’ve got you covered.

You’re a basketball player, and you’re going to practice. What should you wear? You want to be comfortable and look good and we get it! That’s why we put together this handy list of things to remember when getting dressed for your next practice.

For Ladies

Basketball Practice what to ware Ladies

If you’re a lady, you probably already know that basketball is one of the best sports out there. It’s fast-paced and fun, and you get to be on a team with your friends! But what do you wear to practice?

When it comes to picking out clothes for basketball practice, there are some rules to keep in mind:

Look cute in all black

This isn’t just because it looks good on everyone (it does), but also because when you’re running around on the court, sweat is going to soak through your clothes. Black hides that sweat better than other colors do.

Get the right shoes

Basketball shoes aren’t just for show, they’ve got special features like springs in the soles. Therefore, you can jump higher and run faster during playtime. They aren’t cheap though, but if your parents are willing to shell out for them (or if you want to save up some money yourself), then go for it!

Wear a sports bra

Wear a sports bra under whatever shirt or tank top you pick out for practice days. As a result, sweat doesn’t get trapped underneath layers of fabric and chafe against your skin while moving around on the court.

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For Guys

Basketball Practice what to ware Guys

Basketball is a sport that requires you to be fast and agile. You need to have a good grip on your shoes, and it’s important that the shirt you wear doesn’t hinder your movements. Here are some tips for choosing the right clothes for basketball practice:


The most important thing about your shoes is comfort! Make sure they fit well and don’t cause blisters or any other discomfort. If you’re going to be playing in them, look for something with good traction, you don’t want to slip on the court!


A lot of guys like wearing t-shirts when they play basketball, but if your shirt is too tight or too short, it can get caught in your shorts or pants and slow you down during play. Instead of wearing a t-shirt, try wearing an undershirt or tank top underneath. Therefore, the shirt doesn’t get caught on anything while running up and down the court.

Can You Wear Leggings To Basketball Practice?

Yes, you can wear leggings to basketball practice. In fact, lots of people do it. But there are some rules.

First, you need to make sure that your leggings are made from a breathable material. You don’t want sweat getting trapped in the fabric and making you uncomfortable during practice. 

Second, you need to make sure that your leggings fit properly so they don’t ride up or down while you’re playing.

Third, if your coach says no leggings, then listen! There’s nothing worse than getting in trouble for breaking the rules on your first day at a new school or team, especially when it’s something as simple as not following protocol!

Can You Wear Jeans to Basketball Practice?

It depends on your coach. Some coaches like their players to wear shorts, some like them to wear long pants, and some coaches don’t care what you wear at all. They just want you to be comfortable. So make sure you check with your coach before you go out and buy new gear!

If you’re playing in an official game and need to borrow something from someone else, it’s totally fine to wear jeans if they fit well and they’re not too tight or too loose. Just make sure they’re clean!

And remember that even though you might be able to get away with wearing jeans during practice, they may not be allowed during games by the rules of your school or league. So check those out before making any final decisions!

Final Thought

I hope this guide has helped you get an idea of what to wear to basketball practice. Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of energy, and it’s important to be comfortable while playing. The right shoes will help you run faster, jump higher, and shoot better!

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