Australians Call Football Soccer

Why Do Australians Call Football Soccer? (Quick Answer)

There are many names for football, a beloved sport played and cherished by millions around the world. Most of the world refers to it as “football,” but Australians call it “soccer.”

This article explores the historical origins, local terminologies, regional variations, and reasons behind the choice of “soccer” over “football” in Australia.

Why Do Australians Call Football Soccer?

Because of its historical origins and in order to avoid confusion with other football codes, Australians call football “soccer.” The term “soccer” was introduced to Australia by fans of the game played under the title “British Association Football” during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

This name helped distinguish the sport from popular football codes like Australian Rules Football (AFL) and Rugby League, ensuring clarity in discussions and events related to it. 

Soccer may seem interchangeable with “football” to some, but it reflects the country’s unique sporting landscape and cultural preferences.

Australians Soccer

Historical Origins

The name “soccer” was introduced in Australia by fans of the game, which was played under the title “British Association Football”. The word “soccer” has become ingrained in Australian sporting vocabulary, particularly in areas influenced by British culture.

Local Terminologies

Australia is a country known for its diverse cultural landscape, and different regions have their own unique way of referring to sports. 

The term “soccer” is popular throughout the country, but some regions also use the term “football”. British, European, and other global sporting cultures influence the local communities and explain this variation.

Regional Variations

In Australia, there are regional variations in the use of “soccer” and “football.”

For example, Soccer is most commonly used in states like New South Wales and Victoria, where rugby and Australian rules football are popular. 

Alternatively, in regions where rugby or Australian rules football have less influence, the term “football” is more common.

Avoiding Confusion

A second reason Australians call football “soccer” is to avoid confusion with other football codes played in the country.

Australian rules football, rugby league, and rugby union are all widely followed sports and are referred to as “football” by their fans. 

To minimize ambiguity and make it clear which sport they are referring to, Australians adopted the term “soccer” for the game played with a round ball on a rectangular field.

Is Soccer Called Footy?

In Australian slang, “soccer” is often referred to as “footy”. The term is widely used in casual conversation, adding to the nation’s love of the game. It is commonly understood that “footy” refers to soccer, though it can refer to various football codes.


In conclusion, Australians prefer to refer to football as “soccer” due to its historical origins and the influence of British culture. Aussies also refer to the sport in different ways based on local terminologies and regional variations. Moreover, the usage of “soccer” helps avoid confusion with other football codes popular in the country.

Soccer, also known as football in Australia, continues to unite communities and bring people together. The passion for the sport remains unwavering, and Australians embrace its unique identity in their sporting culture regardless of the name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “soccer” the official name of football in Australia?

While “soccer” is widely used in Australia, it is not the official name of the sport. Officially, it is recognized as “football” by the governing bodies.

How successful is the Australian national soccer team on the international stage? 

The Australian national soccer team, also known as the Socceroos, has had notable success on the international stage, qualifying for multiple FIFA World Cup tournaments.

Are there any famous Australian soccer players? 

Yes, Australia has produced several talented soccer players who have achieved recognition both domestically and internationally, such as Tim Cahill, Mark Viduka, and Harry Kewell.

Do Australians actively follow international soccer leagues? 

Yes, Australians are passionate followers of international soccer leagues, particularly the English Premier League, La Liga, and the UEFA Champions League.

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