A Mean On A Hockey Jerse

What Does The Letter A Mean On A Hockey Jersey?

In the world of hockey, the uniforms players wear hold significant meaning. Each element, including the letters displayed on the jerseys, carries a purpose. In this article, we will explore the meaning of the letter “A” on a hockey jersey and the roles and qualities of hockey captains and alternate captains.

What Does The Letter A Mean On A Hockey Jersey?

Hockey has a rich history and traditions. One of these is that the players’ jerseys have names on them, especially the letter “A.” Alternate captains wear this letter on their jerseys, just like team leaders wear the letter “C.”

In ice hockey, an alternate captain is a second leader on the team. Their shirt has a “A” on it, which shows that they are an alternate captain. 

In the NHL, a team can have a captain and up to two alternate captains, or they can choose three alternate captains and not have a named captain. 

Roles of a Hockey Captain

A hockey team’s leader is very important both on and off the ice. The team looks to the captain for direction, motivation, and help. They have more to do than just score goals and make plays. 

A hockey leader needs to get their teammates excited about the game, help them get along with each other, and keep the team spirit up. 

They act as a link between the players and the coaches, giving important feedback and ideas to improve how the team works together.

Qualities Of A Hockey Captain

Good Captains must have some unique set of Qualities that make them stand out. Some of these traits are:

Communication: Captains must talk to their coworkers and coaches in a clear and effective way so that everyone is stay on the same point.

Inspiration: They inspire their teammates with their dedication, work ethic, and passion for the game.

Decision-making: Captains often face crucial decisions during the heat of the game, and their ability to make sound judgments is vital.

Respect: Respecting teammates, opponents, and officials fosters a positive environment on and off the ice.

Calm Under Pressure: Even when there is a lot of stress, captains must stay calm and lead with confidence.

Qualities Of A Hockey Captain

Selecting Process of a Hockey Captain

Choosing a hockey captain is a very important step for any team.

Coaches and management carefully evaluate each player’s leadership skills by watching how they work with their teammates and how well they play on the ice. Moreover, Leadership potential, positive attitude, and ability to motivate other people are considered.

The decision is usually made after thorough discussions between the coaching staff and team management. In some situations, teams may choose more than one alternate captain to help the main captain.

Difference Between ‘A’ (Alternate Captain) and ‘C’ (Captain)

The main difference between an alternate captain (‘A’) and the team captain (‘C’) lies in their rank and responsibilities. While both positions are essential leadership roles, the team captain is the primary leader and represents the team in official matters. 

The alternate captain, on the other hand, supports the captain’s role and takes over leadership responsibilities when the captain is not on the ice.

How Many Alternate Captains Are There on a Hockey Team?

In the NHL (National Hockey League), teams have the option to appoint a captain and up to two alternate captains. Alternatively, they may choose to appoint three alternate captains, in which case no captain is designated. 

These alternate captains serve as the second-tier leaders and play a crucial role in motivating and guiding their teammates during games.


In summary, the letter “A” on a hockey jersey represents an alternate captain, a player who shares the leadership responsibilities with the team captain. The captain of a hockey team holds a significant role in inspiring and uniting the team, while alternate captains support and assist in fulfilling this role. 

 Effective communication and mentoring skills are vital for both captains and alternate captains to foster a strong and unified team.

FAQs About A Mean On Hockey Jersey

Can a team have more than three alternate captains? 

No, in the NHL, a team can appoint up to two alternate captains, or they can forgo a captain and have three alternate captains.

Are captains and alternate captains usually the best players on the team? 

While captains and alternate captains are often skilled players, the selection is primarily based on leadership qualities and the ability to inspire and guide teammates.

Can the captain or alternate captain be changed during the season? 

Yes, teams have the flexibility to change their captain or alternate captain if needed, depending on the circumstances and the team’s dynamics.

Can alternate captains make decisions during a game?

Yes, alternate captains have the authority to make decisions on the ice when the team captain is not present.

Can alternate captains wear the “C” if the captain is absent?

No, alternate captains retain their “A” designation even if the team captain is absent from the game.

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