Lacrosse vs Hockey

Lacrosse vs Hockey – Which Game Should You Choose?

When it comes to fast-paced and exciting sports, both lacrosse and hockey stand out as popular choices. In this article, we will explore the key differences between Lacrosse vs hockey and help you decide which one suits you best.

Lacrosse vs Hockey

Lacrosse and hockey are two thrilling sports that captivate fans with their fast-paced action and skilled gameplay. 

Played on a field or turf, lacrosse involves players maneuvering a stick with a netted head to carry, pass, and shoot the ball into the opponent’s net. 

On the other hand, hockey boasts a global appeal and is widely played in various forms worldwide. Played on an ice rink, hockey players use sticks to control and shoot a puck, showcasing their agility and teamwork skills. 

Fans can enjoy the rich history and cultural significance of lacrosse as well as the adrenaline-fueled intensity of hockey.

Here are some comparisons between lacrosse and hockey:

Lacrosse vs Hockey

Game Format 

Lacrosse and hockey are team sports played on a rectangular field or rink, but there are some significant variations in the game format. 

While lacrosse is typically played on grass or turf, hockey is usually played on an ice rink. Both games involve two teams competing to score goals, but the methods and equipment differ.


Understanding the rules is crucial in any sport. 

In lacrosse, players use a stick with a net to catch, carry, and pass a small rubber ball, aiming to score by shooting it into the opponent’s goal. 

Hockey players, on the other hand, use a stick to maneuver a puck and score by shooting it past the goalie. The rules and penalties vary between the sports, but they both prioritize fair play and safety.


Scoring is the ultimate goal in both games, but the way it is achieved sets them apart. 

In lacrosse, goals are scored by propelling the ball into the net, earning one point for each successful shot. 

In hockey, goals are scored by putting the puck into the net, with one point awarded for each goal as well.


Player safety is essential in any contact sport, which is why both lacrosse and hockey players wear gloves. 

Lacrosse gloves offer protection and flexibility, helping players maintain a secure grip on their sticks. 

Hockey gloves are designed with padding and mobility to safeguard players’ hands during intense puck handling and checking.


The goalposts used in lacrosse and hockey differ due to the nature of the games.

Lacrosse goals have a larger frame and netting to accommodate the larger ball, while hockey goals are smaller to fit the puck. Both require skilled accuracy to score effectively.


Wearing a helmet is mandatory in both lacrosse and hockey to protect players from head injuries. 

However, the design of the helmets is distinct, tailored to the specific needs of each sport. Lacrosse helmets often have a face mask to shield the player’s face, while hockey helmets are more streamlined for increased visibility on the ice.

Shoulder Pads 

In lacrosse and hockey, shoulder pads play a crucial role in preventing injuries during physical play. 

Lacrosse shoulder pads offer protection for the upper body and are designed to withstand stick checks and collisions. 

Hockey shoulder pads, while also offering ample protection, are adapted to allow for more unrestricted movement.


The stick is the heart of both games, facilitating ball or puck control. 

Lacrosse sticks consist of a shaft and a netting pocket, tailored for catching, cradling, and passing the ball effectively. 

In hockey, the stick is used to handle the puck, with different blade patterns suited to various playing styles.

Lacrosse vs Hockey

Should I Play Field Hockey or Lacrosse? 

Ultimately, the choice between field hockey and lacrosse comes down to personal preference, playing style, and the kind of sports experience you seek. 

Both games offer unique challenges, camaraderie, and opportunities for growth. Consider your interests, the dynamics of each game, and try both if possible to see which one resonates with you the most

Benefits of Lacrosse

  • Lacrosse provides an excellent mix of physicality, agility, and finesse, making it a versatile sport suitable for various player types.
  • Lacrosse is a fast-paced game that demands quick decision-making and teamwork, promoting better coordination and communication skills.
  • The sport’s inclusive nature allows players of all genders to participate in both recreational and competitive leagues.

Benefits of Hockey

  • Hockey offers a high-energy, adrenaline-fueled experience with fast skating, intense puck handling, and strategic gameplay.
  • The sport promotes exceptional balance, endurance, and agility, as players navigate the ice and engage in quick turns and maneuvers.
  • Hockey provides a sense of community and camaraderie, with opportunities to play at various levels, from local leagues to professional teams.


Lacrosse vs hockey are both thrilling team sports with passionate fan bases and dedicated players. Each game has its distinctive rules, equipment, and strategies, providing players with exciting and rewarding experiences. 

Whether you prefer the grace of lacrosse or the speed of hockey, both sports have much to offer for anyone seeking to engage in a competitive and fun-filled athletic journey. 

Consider your interests, try both if possible, and embrace the joy of playing the sport that resonates with you.

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