Assist In Lacrosse

What Is an Assist In Lacrosse? (Playmaker’s Guide)

Lacrosse is a fast-paced and exciting sport that combines elements of soccer, hockey, and basketball. It’s known for its thrilling goals and assists, which play a crucial role in the game. 

This article discusses the concept of assists in lacrosse, what they are, whether they count as points, and how to improve your assist game.

Understanding The Assist In Lacrosse

In lacrosse, an assist is a crucial statistic that rewards a player for helping a teammate score a goal. When a player passes the ball to a teammate in a way that directly leads to a goal, they are credited with an assist. 

To be considered an assist, the pass must be a significant and intentional contribution to the scoring play. In essence, an assist recognizes the player’s role in setting up the goal-scoring opportunity.

 Assist In Lacrosse

How Do You Get an Assist in Lacrosse?

Getting an assist in lacrosse requires a combination of skill, awareness, and teamwork. To achieve an assist, follow these key steps:

Passing Accuracy

An assist can only be recorded if your pass is accurate and deliberate. It should directly lead to a goal-scoring opportunity for your teammate. Precision in passing is fundamental in lacrosse.

Timing and Vision 

Be aware of your teammate’s movements and the defense’s reactions. You can significantly increase your chances of getting an assist with a well-timed pass that exploits gaps in the defense.


Effective communication with your teammates is vital. Let them know your intentions and be aware of their positions on the field. A successful assist can also be facilitated by non-verbal cues and signals.

Strategies and Tips to Improve Assists

Strategies and Tips to Improve Assists 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, Now here are some tips and strategies for improving your lacrosse assist skills:

Practice Passing 

Take the time to improve your passing skills. Focus on different types of passes, such as quick releases, bounce passes, and behind-the-back passes. The more versatile your passing repertoire, the more effective you’ll be at setting up goals.

Develop Field Awareness

Become an expert in the game. Be aware of the flow of the match, the positioning of players, and the defensive strategies. With a good field awareness, you will be able to identify opportunities for assists.

Assist In Lacrosse

Create Unpredictability

Keep the opposing defense guessing. Change your approach and mix up your passes. Being unpredictable allows you to catch defenders off guard and create better opportunities for your teammates.

Teamwork and Chemistry

Make strong connections with your teammates. It will be easier to work together on the field if you understand their playing styles, tendencies, and preferences. Assists are often more successful when there is chemistry between the parties.

Is An Assist A Point In Lacrosse? 

Yes, an assist is indeed a point in lacrosse. In most lacrosse leagues and competitions, an assist is worth one point, just like a goal.

This means that when a player records an assist, they are not only helping their team by setting up a goal but also adding a point to their individual stats. Therefore, assists are highly valued, and players strive to accumulate them as part of their overall performance.


In lacrosse, an assist is not just a statistic; it’s a testament to a player’s ability to contribute to their team’s success. It is indeed a point, and achieving assists requires skill, teamwork, and dedication. By practicing your passing, developing field awareness, and fostering teamwork, you can become a valuable playmaker for your lacrosse team.

FAQs About Assist in Lacrosse

Can multiple players be credited with an assist on the same goal?

Yes, in some cases, more than one player can be credited with an assist if their contributions directly led to the goal.

Do assists count in women’s lacrosse as well?

Yes, assists are a part of both men’s and women’s lacrosse. The concept of assists applies to both versions of the game, and assists are recognized and recorded for statistical purposes in women’s lacrosse as well.

Do assists count in youth lacrosse leagues?

Yes, assists are recognized and recorded in youth lacrosse leagues, just like in higher-level competitions. Teaching young players about assists can help them develop valuable teamwork skills.

Are there any official statistics for assists in lacrosse?

Yes, most lacrosse leagues, including the NCAA and professional leagues, keep official statistics for assists. These statistics are used to evaluate player performance and team strategy.

Are there any famous lacrosse players known for their assist records?

Yes, many renowned lacrosse players have impressive assist records, showcasing their playmaking abilities.

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